Sample Birthday Poems

Happy 60th Birthday Dave

12th April 2019

We’ve all come together today

To celebrate a special birthday.

Our Dave has just turned 60 years young,

And what a surprise our Sally has sprung.

This lover of Scrabble and Northern Soul,

Has discovered he’s about to play another role.

Although he’s already a dad and a grandad,

His birthday pressie will make him a new lad.

She’s gone and got him a silver saxophone

To play to our Eddie to the max on his own.

So let’s all raise a glass of good cheer,

As we look forward to him playing for us this time next year.

On the 18th Birthday of Michael Atkinson

1st July 2019


My son.

My beautiful big boy.

Look at how time flies

Now that you’re growing up,

And starting to loosen the ties.

And me –

Entering the autumn of my life.

Hues of ruby, amber and gold,

The bejewelled carpets and curtains of this season,

Reflect my passing through.

And you –

In the springtime of your life,

All whites and pinks

Palest shades, clean and new.

The fresh laundry of youth.

I will wish for you,

All that you wish for yourself.

And, hand in hand,

We’ll walk through life’s seasons together.

On the 90th Birthday of Edna

A lovely old lady called Edna,

Is 90 years young today.

So here we have a verse or two,

To celebrate her special birthday.

It all started on Coronation Street,

Her own soap opera brought alive.

And oh what a treat!

Edna’s got a lot of drive.

Now Edna was never a scarer,

All her life a carer.

What a lot of sploshing,

She even took in washing.

She keeps her mind busy with words and TV,

Sewing, knitting, and grand kids on her knee.

Three dogs and a budgie,

She also cooked for the NCB.

For politics she has a flair,

So you’ve been warned now, Mr Blair.

This was a very brief 90 years,

Taking in all her laughter and tears.

Raise your glasses,

Shout Hurray!

Edna is 90 years young today.

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