Sample Graduation Poem

For Our Daughter Lizzie

On your Graduation day

4th July 2019

Dearest Lizzie, just look at us two,

All smiles of joy and so very proud of you.

On this your graduation day,

It’s hard to find the right words to say.

As we watch you walk across the stage,

We think back to a different age.

To three short years ago when you began your degree,

And we dropped you off at this university.

With tears in our eyes we kissed you goodbye,

Your grandma too, looking down from the sky.

Three short years, my how they’ve flown,

And look at you now, see how you’ve grown.

Lizzie, you passed your exams so the whole world can see,

How brilliant you are, and how you’ve made us so happy.

Enjoy your day Lizzie, take time to take it all in,

Enjoy your day Lizzie, this is your time to win.

You’ve done so very well, and opened up a door,

Lizzie, your mum and dad couldn’t love you more...

Alison - The Poet for Lives

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