Sample Pet Poem

Our Tess

We had a dog that came free with a lead,

A young black puppy - a mix of a breed.

We called her Tess, and it seemed to suit her well -

For chasing sheep o’er hill and fell.

Though Grandma never got that he was a she,

And him was a her not a boy dog you see.

Our Tess was faithful, clever and loyal,

Worth so much more than the carpets she'd spoil.

She loved to play with us out in the sun,

Cricket and frisbee, oh we had fun.

She'd run with us, walk with us,

Even go biking.

A fast black streak,

With eyes that were striking.

But best of all, Tess loved the water,

Swimming and paddling wherever she could.

She understood all that we taught her,

Even if she did get covered in mud.

She hated a bath and all workmen too

Protecting our home, and barking at all

The postman in blue -

He knew not to call.

For fifteen happy years,

Tess was our friend.

A true companion,

Right to the end.

Tess Sleeps forever now,

Her spirit to roam,

But she'll always be with us,

She's part of our home.

Sleep well in the garden Tess,

A well deserved rest,

Sleep well our Tessy,

The best of the best.

Alison - The Poet for Lives

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