Getting your personalised poem is simple.

  1. Take a look at the pricing structure in the Prices and Ordering tab and decide what length of poem you would like to have. I can advise on this too if you need me to, as some occasions call for longer poems than others.
  2. Contact me via the website form or via email at: and tell me what you would like to say, the kind of things you would like included, what and who it is for, how you would like it saying, and when you need it by, then I will do the rest. Remember the more information that you can give me, the better. I am also happy to do this over the phone, too, and can call you at your convenience to discuss what you want to say. A phone conversation is my preferred way of finding out information, as it adds a really personal touch, and I can get more of a feel for what you are trying to say.
  3. Have a look at the samples in The Poems tab to get some idea of what you might like, and how long you want the poem to be for your occasion.
  4. Additional lines can always be added and paid for after your initial order.
  5. Payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer or cheque, and once payment has come through, I will work on your poem and send you the first draft for you to review.
  6. When you receive your first draft, you may come back with any changes/final tweaks and I will edit the poem to include these. (Most customers are happy with this first draft).
  7. When the poem is finalised, I will send it to you in the format you specified. A Word document or PDF are popular but I can accommodate most requests.
  8. Finally, I would appreciate your feedback on the poem and how it was received, via email please.

Alison - The Poet for Lives

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