Sample Wedding Poem

To Celebrate the Wedding of Jon and Lisa

19th August 2019

Dearly beloved, as they often say,

We are gathered here, at last, today.

For it’s taken Lisa and Jon twenty-five years,

To have finally got their act into gear.

In the land of ancient Celts, where surf and foam abound,

These two good people have finally wed, with friends and family all around.

These last few months have been tough to say the least, as they have sailed rough seas together.

But through it all they found safe harbor in each other’s arms, a place warm and calm, whatever the weather.

Lisa the lighthouse rock that Jon can always rely on,

And Jon her best mate, united now in a forever bond.

Let’s celebrate today a love that was always meant to be,

Let’s look forward with them both,

Beyond the snorkeling and coastal walks,

To a love as wild and free as the sea.

Jon and Lisa, from this day and on to the end of time,

We hope that for you the sun will always shine.

Alison - The Poet for Lives

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