The poem was read at my mum’s funeral service at the Minster in Halifax, with over 300 people there all dressed in red and black for her. My mum would have been so proud of this poem. A beautiful poem for a beautiful lady. Thank you so much for such kind words written from the heart” Jill from Halifax
A lovely tribute to a lovely man. Very personal; and pertinent, and a very special one-off gift. I’m so glad we did this” Sally from Huddersfield
I love the style, it is something I can understand, and for me, someone who makes poetry accessible to my kind of mind, is amazing. I love the feeling I got when I read the lines… Gonna keep reading and enjoying your poetry, thank you for sending it to me, it is wonderful xxxxx” Tracey from Runcorn
What a lovely gift, a poem just for me. I was so very moved by the thoughtful and very personal heartfelt words, all written for me”. Tracey from Sheffield
Excellent and fast service, was really impressed. A very original gift to give to someone, she loved it. Would use again, I think especially suitable for funerals and birthdays." Lesley from Ashton
Thank you for taking my ramblings and turning them into something special. You captured my mum perfectly and made us all smile! A wonderful birthday gift. ” Karen from Warrington
THe poem summed up my cousin Hazel to a tee!! It was an appropriate tribute to read as we scattered her ashes. Thank you Alison” Val from Scissett